tempt is an architectural firm founded on 2006 in Tallinn (Estonia) and focused on a sustainable and contemporary lifestyle. We design buildings from large scale public areas to small private spaces. We’re tempting people to think outside the box and have fun doing it.

tempt is putting a man into space – that is creating an architecture for the people who will experience location and objects around them. The new space created has a purpose according to the situation – usually it means taking natural materials, combining with innovative solutions to create architecture that is saving time, energy and nature.

Origin of tempt is nature – we’re specialized in designing wooden and timber buildings. We cooperate a lot with prefab producers making logs, elements or modules for our buildings to rise the quality of buildings, have control on the process and save materials. New technologies for CLT, element- and modular buildings are giving a lot of possibilities for architecture and benefits clients, users and planet.

Our architectural office is our attempt is to save the planet and the people.


Our team has a great variety of experiences from different architectural offices (in Estonia and) around the world where we have participated in projects from extra large scale complexes to intimate small art projects. tempt has an international mind and in our team we have people working from different countries, cultures. Cooperation and ability to look at things from different perspectives allows us to achieve more for our clients.

The priority of tempt is to design energy- and time efficient, environmentally friendly buildings. In our projects we always focus on efficiency through BIM and good managing system. Obviously we design the buildings to be energy efficient but we also keep in mind the time-, cost- and profit efficiency. Every building has to take account its surrounding environment and always give something new to the people who are using it.

Mihkel Urmet
principal architect, partner
+372 510 6910,
Oksana Hetman
Diana Taalfeld
Kristina Ivahnenkova
junior architect
Andrus Kosk
junior architect
Küllike Eesmaa
project manager
Daria Kizimova
junior architect
Reelika Sepp
Giovana Guadanhim
junior architect