Kärga Cottage

This wooden house sits perfectly integrated with its natural surroundings, with minimalistic decor and horizontal wooden structure on the outside. Large windows reflect the outside nature onto the glass. The idea was to create a new modern living space within the forest. High ceilings, large windows and plenty of light cascades into the rooms. White walls, light wood and dark wood on the floor makes this house both modern and comfortable.

Contemporary lighting and the arrangement of the various rooms provide a wonderful atmosphere and a pleasant, healthy living environment. The ground-floor incorporates a kitchen, a living room, a workplace and a washroom. Above the living room we have an open space. At the northern section of the house we have the second floor. There is a bedroom and the large bathroom, we have added skylights on this floor in order to have a superb view over the forest. Plenty of light illuminates the various spaces. To achieve a clear, separate edge between the roof and the walls and to make the skylights possible, we placed the guttering down the center section of the roof over the skylights. A spacious terrace completes the building, providing easy access to all areas of the house. Over the main entrance in the North-West section, we added a small roof to protect people from the elements.


Residential, Timber




Muuksi, Estonia


Mihkel Urmet, Taavi Kuningas


ca 65 m²

Project Year:





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