Stortnok Residences

Stornok modular residences were designed to be placed on two sides of a mountain in
picturesque Norwegian landscape, on the edge of Strandefjorden fiord in Førsøddin.
Modules, which are developed for this project, are universal and fit in with all the parts of the
plot with marked contrasts in directions and ground levels.
2- and 3-bedroom houses can be customized with additional garage module, terrace and few
planning solutions. With flexible planning variations we aimed to allow residents to create very
individual style of living that could incorporate all the needs of the various family types. All
houses designed to be universally accessible.
Contemporary outlook of the buildings combined with natural ecologically conscious materials to
provide not only comfort but nature-connected living conditions. All main construction works
were made at the factory, which minimize impact from the building process to surrounding
Cross-laminated timber was used as main constructive material. This contemporary timber
concept decreases carbon footprint of the building being light and durable in same time.


Timber, Residential




Mihkel Urmet, Taavi Kuningas, Danail Momchilov


Stimi Development AS




Jostein Ø. Tollefsrud