Tower of Viljandi

This project and concept turns an old (built 1962) water tower into a luxurious
apartment building.

The existing tower is located in Southern Estonia in Viljandi. It was built during the
soviet period during the 1960´s as an apartment building and a water tower hybrid.
The new proposal was to extend the tower by 5 floors.

The extension is 15×15 meters wide, made out of prefabricated wooden modules,
with an extra staircase, hall and an elevator added to the side of the building. The
added section is rotated by 30 degrees in relation to rest of the building. The
extension includes a technical area and compact apartments range between 1-3
rooms. The smaller apartments are around 35-50 m², larger apartments are located
in the upper floors, and are around 1010 m² in size.

The great height of the whole building and large windows in every apartment
provide a perfect panorama to the rest of the town. The apartments have open
planning with a common living room and kitchen.

The building will turn the oldschool crumbling structure into a new landmark for
Viljandi reminding the proud citizens of their heritage and history.


Public, Timber




Viljandi, Estonia


timber, residential


Mihkel Urmet, Taavi Kuningas


ca 1500 m²

Project Year:



Leola Kinnisvara