Vääna-Jõesuu School

Vääna-Jõesuu is a former really popular area for summerhouses with it’s pine forests, rivers full of fish and long sandy beach – but as it’s only 25km from Tallinn then nowadays is developing into a residential area. More and more young families are moving onto the area with children so Harku Commune decided to build them a school. Existing plot was an old pioneer camp with decaying buildings, the project was based on one of the larger buildings.

The console over building’s main entrance welcomes students to the library. Building is advertising itself with shelves full of books that students gradually begin gather there. The main entrance is a positive, warm and sunny south facing area making all visitors feel the experience as pleasant as possible.

Yellow and green hue of the building blend in with the surrounding scenery – the beautiful pine forest on the surface of the sand. Especially beautiful is the schoolhouse in the spring when the pine trees in bloom makes it seem magical.

Classrooms are facing mostly west, with workshops, music class, and a dining hall, allowing a pleasant evening light to shine in, but avoiding excessive sun glare and over-heating. Arts class is inspired by the northern light. Morning light will be shining at the school’s cookery classes and a gym.

The gym can be used for multiple purposes – fitness-trainings, gatherings, lectures, or creative activities. The hall is somewhat separated from the rest of the school building and has a direct entrance from the lobby, allowing for example theatrical performances. Hall leads to the stadium through a pane of glass – window as a symbol of a house archetype situated towards the villagers making steps in creating new homes. Over the years there will be a large number of future geniuses coming out of this building.






Mihkel Urmet


1800 m²


Harku Commune


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