Villa Kratt

This residential house is located in Rannamõisa Village, Harju Country in Northern
Estonia. The architectural design reflects the ambitious brief of both the client and
architect: to create a warm and peaceful, private villa.

The main area has an L-shaped design and provides a dynamic impact to the inner
spaces. The shorter wing of the building accommodates a sauna complex and a
relaxation room. Rooms in the longer wing lineup to the main directing wall. Here
the located master bedroom has a separate wardrobe and bathing areas. The
bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass wall which allows extended
intimacy of the functional areas. Large windows unite these two spaces and
connects them to the surrounding nature. Two additional bedrooms follow the line.
A main wing ends with a spacious open space which connects the kitchen, dining
area and living room using a soft furniture ensemble. The Inner yard is beginning
from a terrace and a modern wooden colonnade, an extended roof creates a cozy
space in between the house and garden. Only natural ecological materials were
used for the external finishing of the house.

Situated in a natural environment, this house is designed to blend with the
traditional Estonian countryside landscape and nature. The main structure of the
building was produced from wooden elements at the factory, which minimize
impact from the building process to the surrounding area.


Residential, Timber




Rannamõisa, Estonia


timber, residential


Mihkel Urmet, Ditmar Martinson


ca 200 m²

Project Year:





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